The 10-Piece Content Caboodle For Your Business

1 hour interview. 10 pieces of content. £1,100.

Imagine a handful of perfect, potential clients have been following you on social media for a while. They engage a bit, but when they scroll on, they’ve forgotten about you. They clearly need what you do, but when you talk about your work, they’re not interested.

But imagine if your content

hit the big time

It all started when your ideal client recognised you in their favourite publication. The press coverage was positive, and they made a point to look you up on social media.

And, as if by magic, this week you posted great, engaging, longer posts that they read, loved, and you seemed to read their mind. Each day, your next post resonated and earned you a well-deserved place in their head.

They decide to click (finally!) and read your latest blog post. It was like you wrote it just for them, they found it so valuable they saved it, shared it, and moved on to the relevant web page with your best call-to-action. They were so convinced that by the end of this journey, they had made the enquiry, signed up, made that purchase.

I can make this happen for you.

1 hour interview. 10 pieces of content. £1,100.

The moment you book your 1 hour interview with me, I’ll start musing on your company, your industry and your challenges. As a trained journalist, I’ll prepare specific questions to bring out your business and personal stories and messages… and I might throw some curveballs your way, just to get to know you ;)

When we do our Zoom interview – you can be anywhere! – I’ll record the whole thing and send you the complete video and audio files for your reference. So you have that, forever.

Then, for the next 21 days, I’ll get to work. I’ll produce these 10 key pieces of content for your business.

My Process:

  • You fill in the survey, tell me a little about your business.
  • If I think we’re a good fit, I send you my calendar to set up the interview within 3 working days. I may ask for more info.
  • 1 hour interview day! (Afterwards, I muse on everything we said. Probably while running.)
  • 4 days musing / notes / research
  • 12 days writing the pieces
  • 4 days research / testing / revision / rewriting final
  • +1 sleep > I send you a Google Doc with listed contents.

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Your Content:

7 story-based social media posts (a week’s worth of daily posts)

7 story-based posts per channel, with best, researched, relevant hashtags and character counts. I can help you adapt these for each of your channels.

  • Doubled average monthly traffic to Coaching for Geeks over MCM London weekend from a week of social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) promoting live panels, tagging guests.
  • Raised £517 for charity Special Effect during Gameblast from social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin) promoting gaming event, tagging gamers.

1 longer blog post with specific call-to-action (800 – 1,200 words).

I’ll write a valuable blog, informative and helpful for your ideal client, but with your expert voice and messaging. I’ll include links from across your website and authoritative external links. It’ll be similar (but better) to top performing posts in your industry and niche, and it will be written to convert people to the call-to-action. I can use your chosen keywords for SEO.

  • High ranking and high-traffic game review of Arcade Spirits, shared by 20+ gaming influencers on Twitter.
  • Unprecedented off-season web traffic to blog on winter destinations for insect repellent company incognito, including imagery and compelling call-to-actions.
  • Highest traffic, chosen for social media advertising, to blog on emotion in the tech customer experience. Led to working with customer experience influencer and further blogs for b2b technology company.

1 web page / landing page with specific conversion goal.

I’ll write a new page or re-write a current one specifically to improve the conversion rate (give me a low-performing page!). I can use your chosen keywords for SEO.

  • Created “why us?” page from scratch for architecture practice
  • Gained 3 leads in 1 week for lowest performing page on b2b telecoms website
  • Increased downloads from landing page for cybersecurity infographic

1 press release (1 page)

I’ll find the news hooks in your story and will write a press release that gives you a strong chance of being featured and covered by the publications you specify or your ideal clients love. I’ll send your press release first, separately, so you can send it onto press, etc, before you receive the other content.

  • Singapore press picked up my international press release on mosquito seasons and insect repellents.
  • UK technology press picked up my press release on b2b technology company’s video/audio conferencing announcement
  • Journalism work: The Telegraph, Pensions Age, New Empress magazine, film and music websites, local London newspapers.


Your money back guarantee: If I don’t deliver these 10 pieces of content within 21 days of your interview, I will refund the entire amount and send you the work I’ve done. Plus video & audio files of the interview.

Now over to you: Tell me about your business!

Fill in the survey below.

I need to know about your business, your content goals and your ideal clients. I’ll be in touch via email within 5 working days, and if we’re a good fit, I’ll send you my schedule to book a 1 hour interview (Zoom – so you can be anywhere!)


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