Inner semantics

I struggle with which side I’m on with these a lot of the time:   Consistent, progressive, productive and building upon v.s. formulaic, routine, boring and too slow Spontaneous and fun and joyful v.s. unreliable, immature, naive and distracting Being still, zen, thoughtful and meditative v.s. falling behind, not trying hard enough (< the result of comparison and […]

13 movie plots turned into clickbait! You won’t BELIEVE your eyes!!

“Clickbait headlines/taglines are annoying; we should be able to sue them for false advertising. Because every time “You won’t believe what happened next” always seems real fuckin’ believable… “Imagine if movies were turned into clickbait/movie plotlines were written by clickbaiters!” Said the wise Peter Colson on Facebook.   And these were born. By Peter Colson and Jessica […]

Indie bookstores vs Amazon; my response to Farhad Manjoo

I don’t agree with this Slate article by Farhad Manjoo: “Don’t support your local bookseller.” He basically uses Richard Russo’s New York Times piece about Amazon’s ‘shocking’ and ‘disgusting’ Price Check smartphone app to catapult a rant on how indie bookstores are “some of the least efficient, least user-friendly, and most mistakenly mythologized local establishments you can […]

One Day by David Nicholls; amazing

Seriously. One Day by David Nicholls got to me.  I’ve cried, smiled, felt my heart burst, romantically despaired, love-hated London and questioned the point of my own 26-27 years (especially when I got to that point). It described everything with the bittersweet aptness and post-party despair of free-falling after University. That freedom tainted by that […]

Beer: A poem by George Arnold

(Beer & poetry, a wonderful combination, and a favourite poem that describes my moments of thought, too) Beerby George Arnold.                         Here,     With my beer I sit, While golden moments flit:     Alas!     They pass Unheeded by: And, as they fly, I, Being dry,     Sit, idly sipping here     My beer. O, finer […]