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Are you ever stuck for what to post on social media?


“I’ve neglected social media but now I can’t get business any other way… no idea what makes a good post.”

“I’m burnt out with my social media but it’s the best way to win business.”

“Social media prompts would be so useful, I never know what to write or if I’m doing it right.”

“I google like a Goddess but I can’t start and write”

“I just wish someone would tell me what to post and when.”


  • You want to post on social media in a consistent, strategic way, with good marketing sense.
  • You also want to post from your heart in your own weird, unique way and enjoy it.
  • You also don’t want to learn marketing theory, ain’t no one got time for that.

(You don’t ask for much, do you?)

Pounce. Daily social media prompts.

I’ve scoured all the (over)thinking, all the in-depth marketing theory, all the content plans, and my clever bunny brain full of constant ideas, and I’ll come up with daily social media prompts for you. I’ll even scroll through the world to advise on what’s topical, so you don’t have to!
It’ll work for different social channels, it’ll work for emails, it’ll work for blog ideas, it’ll even work for those running your own Facebook or membership group. (you have to keep that engagement high to be seen!)
But! Do NOT be expecting those generic prompts. Come on, you know me better than that! It’ll be different as heck! They might seem random sometimes, but trust me.


  • You will be using specific marketing sequences, content strategies and storytelling principles without having to learn them.
  • AND you will be trying new things, discovering more about yourself and showing up as YOU. Being different. Being weird. Being relatable.
  • AND it’ll be fun.


– You get a social media prompt at 7am EVERY WEEKDAY – via the membership group and email.

– I check in at 12pm & 7pm. I give you individual feedback from a marketing, storytelling and audience perspective. I answer every question, I give you thought and ask you to develop.

– I’m cheering you on! I want you proud of your content, resonating with your people and getting those people coming to you for what you do. <3

– Expert guests hand picked for you and questions that come up, weekly! Tuesdays at 2pm (GMT).

– Pounce is for YOU. I’ve got you.

But wait, there is more!


Pounce. Premium.

(No, that’s not a late night show. Soz.)

This is: 1-1 detailed feedback, reviews, writing guidance, writing done for you, interviews, and in-depth research of your audience and your market, by me. I can look at what you’re making from the prompts and help you improve in any way you need, or I can write a whole series of content for you. I can let you in on more theory behind the prompts too, if that’s of interest.

How you get it: These things correspond to credits, which you buy in a bundle and claim whenever you need. I’m figuring out the details here – I want to deliver this in the best way for you, and I want the credits to cost a sensible price for your business situation right now.


Join Pounce: Daily Social Media Prompts

For £33/month. JUST £1/day + a coffee!

If YOU need to reconsider your brand, your offer, your design? Well, I highly recommend the phenomenal Gina.Design who helped make Pounce what it is.

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