Facebook statuses, I write.

‘I’m bored of writing,’ I write, into the accusatorily blinking Facebook status box. I drop the words into it’s post-box slot and release them into the abyss. I semi-pretentiously wonder what to write next, as if Facebook matters, as if it matters if I have quality thought out here.
No. Every day it more and more resembles a lost-and-found prison, painted in clinical blue, where some passers-by with hangovers typing in their memories and contacts from the party the night before. People sometimes lose themselves in here.
Even we, the cute ‘Facebook generation’, see the low-level fun of self-aggrandising, self-deprecating statuses is diminishing. There’s nothing to prove any more. Relationships move on, people forget, people don’t care, or if they do, it’s weird; we get it now. There is a time and a place for passive-aggressive messages. Was it ever Facebook statuses? Perhaps it was always post-its on the fridge.
Sponsored posts and company pages become the realm of the employable social media writers. The nostalgic innocence of idealistic University students indulging in vanity is swept away. I mean, grow up. We’re adults now.
The only people who give their statuses any (unpaid) thought any more are, like, professionally branded ‘writers’, or… people who don’t know much about Facebook, really.
 July 14th, 2014  
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Occupy Facebook with art. Did you?

“The idea is to occupy facebook with art, breaking the monotony of lunch, selfies and sport. Whoever likes this post will receive an artist and has to publish a piece by that artist.”
I got Georgia O’Keefe… who did you get?
Georgia O'Keefe New York Moon (sic)

Georgia O’Keefe
New York Moon (sic)

 February 7th, 2014  
 Artistry, Social Media  
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