Art investors raise demand for insurance.

Wealthy art investors are purchasing more insurance to cover their collections.

A Stonehage Group report this month showed a high performance of long-term returns on art assets relative to many other asset classes, and clients have significantly increased the level of insurance cover for their art collections over the last couple of years.

Stonehage executive director Steven Kettle said: “The long-term performance of the art market, particularly at the high end, has delivered impressive returns, so collectors increasingly need to ensure they have the right cover in place.”
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Photoshop will never go too far, Jonathan Jones.

Photoshopping classical masterpieces makes us forget the brilliance of the original, argued Jonathan Jones in his Guardian blog on Monday.


I think he is wrong.


The internet has created a boundless gallery of online remakes of great art. From Renaissance nudes transformed into skinny modern models to Beyonce art history, Continue reading

Quotation Curation

“Even at [the art market’s] height, 1% of 1% of 1% of all artists made money. You can rail against the business practices of the art world, but even in flush times reputations are built on credibility, not on money or the market. The public is suspicious of the art world because the art market, and not art, is what they saw first when they saw art. Regardless, just because a dealer makes a lot of money doesn’t mean that they have the respect of the art world. Money doesn’t earn respect. Respect exists outside of the market. If you are in art for the money, you’re not really in art at all. As Brice Marden said: “It’s not the art that’s suffering; it’s the market that’s suffering. They don’t have anything to do with each other.”

– Jerry Saltz, The Art Newspaper critic
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How to apply for admin + sales at a poetry magazine

“Dear Amanda,

Thank you for sending your CV and an email in verse which I enjoyed reading.”


You must get many poets apply

But if I may I want to be sly,

For a passion for poetry is not all

I have experience in editorial,

Magazine journalism is my forte

And I’m already self-employed today.

So it is inevitable I will implore

I can bring your sales, subs and website to the fore

If you but perchance to accept

My CV and application for you to vet.

How to be happy *and* unsatisfied

An artist’s work is never done. Therefore an artist is always unsatisfied; hungry with ambition, angry with disappointment, obsessed and never able to rest.

Would you say you’re doing your absolute best (work, life, everything) right now?

I bet you all said no.

You fall behind while someone else gets better, you find out someone is doing exactly what you want to do just way, way better, and your work in the context of others’ looks out of place.

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Orchestra of recycled instruments in Paraguay

How do you invest in music when you can’t afford instruments?

In Paraguay, 1.5 tonnes of rubbish are deposited daily in Cateura, a landfill site on the outskirts of the capital, Asuncian. An estimated 500 gancheros (recyclers) separate the plastic and aluminium, while their children play amid the rubbish and wait for parents to finish work, Continue reading