Here’s a new blog: This time, it’s serious.

This time, it’s serious.

I’ve been creatively and professionally lost recently. I’ve felt pretty worthless about that. It’s not all about money, and I’m pretty lucky in life, but as an independent adult with a penchant for meaningful work, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do next.

(Aside from get bitter about the bad times. That kept me busy for a while.)

I wrote more. My notebook, with a geeky productivity system, allowed my thoughts to run free. I gave myself permission to drift, and with silly
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The first post: what you can expect!

Creativity, careers and cash; the overlap and the ideas. I will talk about saving money, improving creative work and taking a leap of courage to make investments in ourselves. I will take notes on what it means to live a richer life and create a richer culture and how we could begin to define what art, and fun, and play, is worth.My posts will veer between a
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