Amanda Leek

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Thanks for the photo, Mum!

Inbound Marketer. Creative. Copywriter. Journalist. Poet. Note-taker. Doodler. Thinker.

Every story matters – I just start with better writing.

I pride myself on content that does good.

Currently learning how technology can solve business problems.

This blog is my creative outlet.

Professional highlights:

  • Creative Copywriter and part of a brilliant marketing team at business technology partner Telefonix
  • Certified in Hubspot: Inbound Theory, Marketing Software & Content Marketing
  • Produced investment feature pieces for The Telegraph
  • Researched major women’s health piece for several publications.
  • Ran digital marketing for Happy Dogs – loved working with dogs!
  • Ran marketing, sales and admin for natural insect repellent company incognito
  • Completed Google Certificate: Digital Marketing

Social Media:


Twitter: @aleekwrites

Instagram: aleekwrites

Facebook: aleekwrites


Why call a blog ‘coin phrases’?

Coining phrases is the writer’s greatest power and greatest responsibility. It’s also pretty fun.