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Michael Benson: a deep dive into his work, art and mind.

The Highlights:

– ULTIMATE GOAL: Troma-esque vast body of work + to create something that didn’t exist before (1:37)
– DREAM TYPE OF WORK: epic, fantastical, sci-fi AND grounded in deep thought, post-modernism, minimalism and restrictions. (1:37)

Mike’s journey as an artist:
1 At first, it wasn’t arrogance – I was naive and foolish, and struggled to get people to understand what I conveyed, tried
2 Had to learn to communicate AND express (truthfully) at the same time – difficult challenge
3 Now? It’s arrogance – too arrogant to submit
4 “Who are THEY to decide what my writing should be?” (36:36)

Mechatronics: learned about communication – designer produced something not exactly in head. Fascinated by many different ways to design how something can REACT to you.
God’s law? Making the next machine to react > learn to react > turn against you? Am I Dr Frankenstein if I finally create something that never existed before = breaking God’s law?

– Fantasy, magic and the impossible were safe haven away from fears, since little.
– Growing up – you discover the demons in you are more scary than anything outside.
– The threat: “real fears put magical demons to shame” (1:05:04)
– Me: Well, maybe the magical heroes are enough to overcome the real fears.

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For more on Mike and his work: https://crewmike.com/


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