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Jay Shetty: My Take On How He ‘Made Wisdom Go Viral’

So, I watched this. I encourage you to watch this with an open mind, too.

Jay Shetty says his mission is “to make wisdom go viral”.

To find the good stuff in books, resources, philosophy, hidden away and bring it to shareable media that reaches an average kid in London.

He also, at the end of this, says don’t copy your competitors. Lol. But, notice he says tone and style. And that’s something he totally owns; he just makes spoken word toned pieces of content, in his style.

But he makes no secret of the fact he is deliberately and intentionally taking content from conversations, books, stuff he consumes.

So is Nicole Arbour just getting attention for a straw man?

I notice Jay isn’t responding publicly to the backlash, and after watching this I think, he doesn’t need to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a qualified journalist – I am 100% hot on sourcing things. If he was a journalist? Well, journalists have done this and been fine, but in theory he’d be out.

I’m also into spoken word; this kind of thing is in poems all the time. That’s loose. Poets win slam poetry titles, if there was a quote said on stage as part of it, it’s just presumed people know it’s a well known phrase.

With the world of content, it’s just interesting how much of this goes on, and the grey area of legality and morality. And the reactions to this. And the way Nicole chose to do it.

I’m working through my thoughts on this.

What do you think?