The secret of life: the little mental health turtles, all the way down

Guys, guys! I’ve discovered the secret of life!

turtle world support

When you look after the Little Things

The Little Things stack up to carry your Mental Health & Physical Health

Your Health stacks up to carry the Big Things

My Turtles That Stacked Up To Raise My World

I was low, recently. I suddenly couldn’t face the Big Things.

I knew I had do something differently. I was coasting on empty air, and I tripped and fell right down, down, down.

So instead of focusing on (and beating myself up about) all the Big Things I ‘should’ be doing… I decided to apply a bit of minimalism. In the same vein as ‘digital minimalism‘, I said no to everything except a form of ‘mental health minimalism’.

I just tracked and looked after these Little Things, with the aim of a minimum habit streak.

And without even noticing, they turned into slightly bigger things.

  • food (I’m loving tracking my calories on Lose It!)
  • cooking a new, delicious dish – Faux Pho
  • sleep & a nice bedtime routine to review the day & wind down
  • the best sleep for weeks, and waking up happy
  • getting my trainers on the pavement (walk)
  • running for the first time in a month
  • stretching every day (almost)
  • my problematic shoulder is a little better
  • sending a considered message to someone I care about every day
  • shared laughs, inspiration & great social invites
  • writing 200 words every day (so low it’s silly, and trips me into more)
  • about 600 words every day, for a potential book. And randomly wrote things quickly, like this post, rather than languishing in my ‘ideas’ notebook forever.
  • tidying / cleaning for 10 mins a day
  • de-cluttered bags of stuff, living space is the best it’s ever been
  • being present, doing one thing at a time, and pacing out one goal a day
  • feel everything is manageable, applying for & thinking about the Big Things and feeling slightly less overwhelmed

It’s basically like turtles, all the way down.

Because now, I feel that if I trip over Big Things and fall again, there’s a load of turtles ready to catch me. And in the meantime, I keep stacking up those turtles.

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