Free Stock Photos – My Go-To

Hey everyone!

I knew I had this somewhere :)

Here’s a list of free stock photos that you can use commercially – always check the terms of stock photo websites and make sure any photo you use without paying is ‘Creative Commons’. 

(Then you won’t get a sudden invoice from a photographer or get sued for copyright…)

pose stock photo man desk work
Not posed at all – from Pexels

Most of these have a more tech slant – the list is from my work at Telefonix.

Since then, I found THIS awesome round-up for stock photos of people of colour.

Best Free Stock Photos:






ISO Republic

Good Free Photos


Visual Hunt

Every Stock Photo – this is in theory ALL stock photos from across the web.

Flickr – This varies per photo. Creative Commons is free for all to use. Flickr is making a lot of changes. Double check before you use anything.

Second Choice Free Stock Photos:

(mostly on second tier through tech filter, could be better for you)

Morgue File



Negative Space (very tech)

MMT Stock (more tech)

New Old Stock (old photos / historical I think)Pixabay (lots of graphics and vectors)

Stock Vault (older stuff)

Cupcake something (banners and backgrounds)


Public Domain Archive (probably older)

Little Visuals

Life of Pix

Realistic Shots

Paid Stock Photos:

Shutterstock (we had an account)

Adobe Stock


Alamy (I think some are free, you need to check individual photos)