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What is the Social Selling Index?

4 Pillars of Social Selling (LinkedIn)

job interview professional social selling

1. Create a professional brand
Today’s world of B2B buyers are very selective and will only work with vendors they can trust. A strong professional brand shows you are an active participant in your industry. It leads to more inquiries from prospects. It leads to more responses to your communications.

2. Focus on the right prospects
Social selling enables you to find and connect with prospects more effectively than traditional sales. Over 76% of buyers feel ready to have a social media conversation and identifying prospects that meet your established criteria – such as role, function, or industry – with LinkedIn has never been easier.

3. Engage with insights
Position yourself as a subject matter expert by sharing relevant industry content, commenting on news alerts, and building your professional brand. Over 62% of B2B buyers respond to salespersons that connect with relevant insights and opportunities. Salespersons can enhance their thought leadership by staying up-to-date with prospect news, and by identifying new contacts or decision makers when accounts make key hires.

4. Build trusted relationships
Build trust with prospects by sharing your perspectives and helping provide relevant information to common pain points. Have genuine conversations and focus on the needs of the prospect first, selling second.

Today, building relationships by providing value from the
first interaction is a requirement for winning new business.
As marketers turn to software to generate more qualified
leads, sales organizations have begun to recognize the
value of technology to create human connection at scale.

– LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2016

Fast Facts from LinkedIn’s 2016 State Of Sales Report:

70% + of sales professionals use social selling tools, including LinkedIn,
Twitter and Facebook, making them the most widely used sales technology.

Specifically, sales professionals see relationship building tools as
having the highest impact on revenue.

90% of top salespeople use social selling tools, compared with 71% of overall sales professionals.

Millennials are 33 % more likely to use sales intelligence tools, to generate background checks on leads, than industry peers aged 35-54

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