Want a content marketing professional for your business? Some writing samples, for you.

To help your decision-making, here are my most relevant highlights in writing and content:


Customers want you to be human – with the right technology blog far surpassed other blogs in traffic and engagement. So on the theme I disagreed with a Forbes article – forging an ongoing relationship with the journalist!

Telefonix Moving Office guide was the first entire email campaign and rebrand, including blogs, web page and landing page.

Commuter Chaos – capitalising on Waterloo Upgrade (Aug 2017) and statistics on remote working and cybersecurity.

I made my first infographic on cybersecurity – I was proud of my attempt (which took me ages) and a mini-campaign from my idea. (Also started learning Canva / Photoshop this January, as a result…)

The page on DECT Cordless phones makes the list because I transformed the lowest performing web page (0 leads for months) with keyword analysis (Moz, SEMRush). After I worked on it on a Sunday (!), 2 leads came in on the Monday!

Dolby / Bluejeans partnership – first ever company press release (with blog) got coverage across B2B tech sites.

Content and taglines working within design limits for new pillar pages on cloud, collaboration, customer experience and collaboration.

Coaching For Geeks – I’m proud of this week’s posts across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, me trying new copywriting through training – all re-purposed from 1 blog.

Social Media TipsMy Guest Instagram post on a bad first draft reminds me of what we talked about today!

Incognito Winter Destinations blog post and promotion led to a huge increase in traffic and e-commerce sales during their off-peak season, from keyword analysis.

Telegraph Money investment strategy feature on Hetty Green received ‘an almost embarrassing amount of praise’ from editors & hit #1 on the most read list in the Money section online for the entire week. (Also 2-page broadsheet piece in print). I’ve written more for them.

Pensions Age – Going right back, my first feature on ethical investing.

I drew this inbound marketing diagram on my Instagram – if you like it I can give you a copy! :)

I hope these examples showcase my technical affinity, adaptability and my superb suitability for a role with you!