My view on the GlobalWebIndex social media report.

Key Headlines from GlobalWebIndex’s flagship report
on the latest trends in social media – and what I think you should take away from this:

• The role that social media plays in the
lives of its users has evolved. Digital
consumers are now almost as likely to
say they use social to follow the news as
they are to identify it as a platform for
keeping in touch with friends (40% vs

My view: Journalists and news publications should focus more on their social media strategy, and content writers should be topical to capture attention, more and more. This will also lead to more importance on verified accounts as social media companies crack down on bots and accounts with a lack of engagement. 

• Almost 4 in 10 internet users say they
are following their favorite brands
on social, while 1 in 4 are following
brands from which they are thinking of
making a purchase from.

My view: I follow brands where I am already a customer and want to get more from them, or I follow small businesses and independent creators because I want to watch their journey, see behind-the-scenes making-of snippets, and want to buy them when I can afford to, and I often promote and share from brands I follow on social. This makes tone of voice, original content and topical timing more important.

• Influencer marketing makes the most
impact among 16-24s, but even among
this age group it’s just 18% who say
they find new brands via celebrity or
influencer endorsements.

My view: Tools that measure the authenticity, value and engagement of influencers are finding the non-celebrity influencer space is not very trusted on most platforms, as social media accounts and photos are easy to fake. YouTubers and vloggers with huge, loyal followings are often the exception, and podcasts sponsored by brands have a huge influence too. 

• Social commerce is gaining traction
primarily in the research and brand
interaction stages of the purchase
journey. But when it comes to the final
purchase, the appetite to do so in these
platforms remains low and most are
moving to a retail site to do so.

My view: Your own e-commerce website is still necessary and the ability to purchase on social media channels is probably not a high priority right now. In particular, Facebook users are wary of handing over their banking data.

I got these insights and more from downloading the GlobalWebIndex’s flagship report on the latest trends in social media