rabbit football goal marketing blogging

Score!! – Why blogging is your valuable extra player.

Why blogging for business growth has a better ROI than an extra attacker in a Premier League football team.

rabbit football goal marketing blogging
I drew this. Yeah, it’s cute.

You wouldn’t trust a football team you’ve never heard of before to win the Premier League (or even enter the League, for that matter). And unless you were feeling particularly reckless, you wouldn’t put down money on the 500 – 1 odds.

But that’s exactly what your business is asking your customers to do when you don’t have a blog to backup your claims.

If you have good salespeople and a basic website, you may well win a lot of deals. But without a blog, customers might think you aren’t willing to put your expertise over the line. And if you want to grow your business (in 2018) this really matters because customers want to make an informed decision – they want to learn about a company’s history, successes and passion before they make the deal. Just like you would want to know about a football team before you backed them.

Blogging is a core component of inbound marketing and every business seems to be doing it. See, blogging for business gives you a better ROI than if you had the best player on the field – as an extra player. But how?


  • Customers make connections with emotions, not statistics.
  • Tell the story of your company’s success, recent wins and recent growth rather than just stating numbers and statistics.


  • Loyal, returning readers trust you more, want more from you and would buy anything you endorse. You want fans, not one-time customers.
  • Better brand awareness than any one person could achieve – centre stage 24 / 7 representing the best stories in your business.
  • Technical brochures are boring – tell stories about your customers for mass appeal and bridge the gap between your product and the customer’s needs.
  • Football’s Coming Home got more people stirred up about football in 1996 (possibly)


  • You don’t have to write from scratch – look at existing customer feedback, case studies and repurpose your product sheets.
  • Can’t write consistently? Get your managers to write one blog each in their area of expertise. 6 department heads can write 6 posts, effectively creating an extra business representative with the best bits from each experts, ready to start conversations with prospects at all times.
  • Note – a blog can consist of a video blog, a podcast or an infographic if that better suits your talents. It doesn’t have to be a 1,500 word essay. (Experiment and see what works.)


  • Combining the best expertise from your team of experts, one blog on your website can be a wealth of resources to use at any time.
  • Your blog post is available at any time, whenever your customer is looking for solutions to their problems, and it will always be at the top of the game and ready to play.
  • Earn the trust of leads and stand out in the industry with the unique combination of expertise in your team.


  • A blog works 24 hours a day and is always there to meet customers at the right time, right time and right context as they are searching for answers to their questions.
  • You can’t be available 24 hours a day, but your content can. Don’t burn yourself out constantly chasing prospects and attending networking events that don’t garner leads – let your blog do the talking. Your blog will always be on point.
  • Think of your blog as starting conversations with multiple people you wouldn’t have otherwise met, but the very people who are looking to meet you and your team.


This presents an opportunity cost and begs the question: In 6 months time, won’t you wish you had started now?

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