Leo lion

Happy Birthday To Me! A Little Reflection.

It was my birthday this month! Family and friends made a wonderful effort for me, and I am grateful.

Peeling back the layers of my life and reflecting on where I am in life right now, I am humbled to say I found a wedge of disappointment in myself for not living up to my own values and desires in the past year or so. But honestly, I’ve been through a lot. 30 was a hugely significant year for me – I made a trip to Inbound 2017 in Boston, USA, and to New Zealand, a good job ended, I bought a car and learned to drive down scary roads, and a previous employer affirmed my improved skills and management potential. Maybe I did the best I could, but for the next year, I’ve resolved to work on courage and presence. Like a lion.

The most life-changing book I read in my 30th year was Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly (and I loved her opening for Inbound 2017).

Leo lion
Shout out to all the Leos out there.

This time last year I wrote my 30 lessons turning 30.

Here’s 3 from the list that feel especially pertinent around my 31st birthday.

Take one step towards your dream.

Take one small step towards your dream every week, even if it’s just writing about why you want it or reading an article on the subject. Offer to meet someone on LinkedIn for coffee. Ask loads of questions. Don’t talk yourself out of it. No one knows anything when they start. Don’t overthink it – just try it out. You’ll be amazed when you do. And at the end of the year, or on birthdays, look back at all your achievements for the year. I’ve found it’s one of the best things you can do to remind yourself how much can be achieved, and how much better you can be year on year.

Be grateful.

You’ll never be happy with more or better until you’re happy with what you have. The only way to improve a relationship is to realise what you love at the moment. The only way to give constructive feedback is to point out something positive at the same time. Negativity doesn’t serve anyone (and that includes towards yourself).

Prioritise self-care

Once consistent self-care slides, everything starts to slide. Give yourself the time to make big decisions when you’re calm, rational and, preferably, in a good life-affirming mood. On the other end of the spectrum, thank your body when you’re sick. When you’re sick for days, thank your body for dealing with something that isn’t good for it. Your body is working! Trust your gut – your physical one and your instinctive one!

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