morning bedtime ritual

My Morning & Bedtime Routines for Summer 2018 (…she says)

morning bedtime ritual

I’m setting myself these NEW morning and bedtime routines!

I’ve been sick the last week (streaming flu!). It was a week of rest and renewal. And messed up days. This is a perfect opportunity to reset my rhythm.

The routine above I have created. But every single thing on this is literally the opposite or out of the realm of what even goes on now. I can’t even.

My mornings – if I haven’t slept through them completely – involve switching on my morning playlist by reaching across to my bedside table to my phone. That fails to prevent me falling back to sleep. I reset my alarm or snooze, if I’m sufficiently organised half asleep. I then race out in a panic, usually without breakfast, and usually with no leeway to be late. And so, because I have a 2 hour commute involving 3 – 4 trains to London in rush hour, I am usually late. And spending a fortune on coffee and breakfast on the go.

My bedtimes – well, by the late evening, my brain starts going over my goals and to do’s and dreams and lamenting how little I have done (even on a good day) and I try to squeeze in some work with no real sense of priorities or health and I’m a night owl and get more and more inspired (and can’t sleep) so usually stay up until 3am either working or thinking big until I drift off a couple of hours before the morning alarm goes off. I end up sorting out the week ahead on a Sunday late at night – and crashing during the day on the Monday and resolving to do it better.

On days off – well, I set an alarm at a consistent time. And sleepwalk to turn it off, consistently. And wake up much, much later.

I tried to start a new morning and bedtime routine throughout January – it went completely wrong. However, I did learn a lot from the failures and from doing that so hopefully I can apply and share those lessons.

Mission – to do 7 days consistently. And blog about it. Come back to see my progress (or lack of…)

Consistency – that was my word of the year. So look, I’m focusing on a morning, bedtime and blogging consistency all in one. How will it affect the rest of my life? Can I even do it?


Honestly… I don’t think I can do it.


Comment below if you can relate!


    1. I usually go to sleep pretty late, and am always so tired in the mornings – do you mean you fall asleep early in the morning hours, or early to bed? :)

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