How do you engage customers and employees more effectively?

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

– Richard Branson, Virgin

As a business, your customer experience strategy has a direct impact on the success of companies. However, with increasing methods of communication and rising customer expectations, managing customer experiences is becoming harder to measure.

Customer service metrics are changing.

Traditional metrics such as call handling time are going down in importance, because they are not important to the customer. Metrics that have a direct impact on the customer are going up. The Customer Effort Score is a new, simpler metric which focuses on how much effort they had to put forth to do business with your company. It offers a better predictor of loyalty than the Net Promoter Score and helps identify areas for improvement to make it easier for customers to deal with your company. (1)

Customers are more loyal to companies that focus on solving problems quickly and easily, particularly in phone interactions. The less effort a customer needs to make to resolve problems, the more a company will improve customer service, reduce costs and decrease customer churn. On the other hand, customers leave companies because of terrible service all the time. (2)

When your employees are not engaged and constantly dealing with customers, their attitudes transfer to the customer. This came to my attention in a recent comment on a LinkedIn post:

“Customer service only counts if you care. Engage with cold callers, and they will talk for ages and reveal they really don’t like their employer. It teaches me a lot…!”

– Gareth Williams, Business Development Director, Azureus Ltd.

You will lose customers if you don’t make it easy to deal with your company.

So how does a business drive employee and customer engagement at the same time?

The best contact centre solutions help inform customer experience managers and ensure employees have the best tools to engage with customers. Better employee engagement leads to better customer experiences, every time, while happier customers make make jobs more enjoyable. It’s a happy circle.

Small and medium businesses work faster, smarter and more effectively, across all devices, with contact centre solutions. 


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