Content and Communications: My case

My case, answering a few questions about my abilities for a content and communications role at a charity…


– Specialist and/or technical subject: At B2B magazines Pensions Age/European Pensions I developed passion for well-researched, specialist, sharp writing on complex subjects and was self-motivated in my learning of investments and finance from scratch via workshops and seminars, independent reading and informational interviews with contacts. I adapt to different audiences and have written for local, national, arts and culture and affluent audiences, with all work being online-first.

–          Variety of platforms, including digital: I’ve produced pieces (features, news, internal) for print for local newspapers, magazines (B2B and B2C), and internal newsletter copy via an agency. Almost all work has been digital-first, or digital only, and with social media. I’ve found Twitter and LinkedIn (groups) can garner the most engaged, specific audience at publications, in marketing, and when I have attracted traffic and comments at my own blog. I’ve written for blogs, social media, website copy, press releases and breaking news online first, and longer pieces/series split up for online at all publications and roles. We used Facebook as the basis for production team communication at The West Londoner. I also helped develop a new web forum for risk and tech professionals at Chartis Research.

–          Digital marketing: Journalism needs to market itself! I’ve used SEO and Google Adwords to drive traffic for key words and produce/analyse results, measured success with different audiences with Google Analytics and used social media to test different engagement (each site has different advantages for different audiences; I suggest Facebook and Twitter are the best for charities, but I’d love to test that theory). Produced some mass emails and email newsletter copy. I constantly keep up to date with techniques and test the success of some through my blog for practical experience.

          Photography: See my Flickr. My photos have accompanied articles: Help is at PawDaughter running marathon for her mother. Also on my blog.

–          Writing for the web: My arts-focused blog researched after personally blogging for 3 years. I use Quora and social media to learn, add to copy. I improved pensions magazine web writing with ideas for features (split them up), social media (Twitter, from non-existent), and new ideas to improve traffic and advertising revenue. The West Londoner (local) and Beatwolf (music) are entirely web-based publications, I ranked high in SEO and most-read often in all publications I have worked at.

–          Marketing on agency side: Ferrier Pearce freelance – interviews, press releases and employee newsletter copy. I’m also learning affiliate marketing and building trust from customers, for blog.

–          Brand guidelines: Adhere to style guides at varied publications for different industries and audiences.

–          Reviewing and measuring success: Analysed success with Google Analytics, Adwords, SEO and tested appearances and layout in terms of conversion rates for subscribers and/or sales. I’ve researched traffic and times of day for different audiences, mobile, social media and online, and can increase engagement via social media.

–          Create, develop and present creative concepts: I am a creative thinker and writer. I have developed my blog, poetry and performance of poetry, online video, and I’m currently writing a play. A strength of mine is creativity, presenting complex and interesting concepts, and creating engagement. Test me!

–           Here’s a little comment on copywriting from me: