You’re doing what Shakespeare and Picasso did, right?

No, your work is nothing like theirs. And, it shouldn’t be.

But you are doing what they do in that they believe in their worthiness enough, at least enough, to pursue an art form and create something an inherent message that art itself – beyond just my own – is important and valuable and not solely defined by others and brilliant by itself. Who is society to judge your own individual struggle? (Not your business, as you are not, personally, their business, either). Are the critics always right? (No).

You can’t have a career in ‘making money’ or ‘being successful’. However much you try. Your career is your pursuit of becoming better at something. A process, a service, creating products. The only thing under your control is the work itself, your intelligence and your energy and time management – and how you promote and project yourself to others who want to see your work. You put things out there? Wow. Celebrate your bravery. Don’t get even, get better, anyway.

The rest? It’s out of our control.