The Lost Lectures & Ectetera Theatre, November 2013

The Lost Lectures: Big Fight Live

Price: £27-50.

7pm, Friday, 22 Nov + Saturday, 23 Nov

The Lost Lectures 2013’s finale ‘Big Fight Live’

In 1920s boxing spectacle style, see six cultural heavyweights fight for their ideas in The Lost Lectures 2013’s season finale. This culmination of ‘Enchanting Talks from Secret Locations’ – taking lectures out of corporate halls and into secret, incredible spaces – features an immersive experience of inspiring talks, live music and a BIG fight (with a twist: beat boxing or chess boxing). The first night features Hadyn Parry, James Freedman, Caroline Criado-Perez, Susie Lau (aka Susie Bubble), Jasper Gibson and Reeps One, the beat boxer extraordinaire. The second night features Ruby Wax, Lauren Pears, Simon Baron-Cohen, Paul Steele, a mystery Lost Speaker (submit your idea by 7 Nov and you could be that speaker!) and Tim Woolgar, who will host the Chess Boxing. Live-streamed for the first time, with rap battles from top UK hip hop artists, rambunctious art installations and colourful characters, this finale will be an unforgettable fight.

General Admission.

Secret Location – announced to ticket holders

Night, A Wall, Two Men

Price: £12 (£10 conc.).

9:30pm, Tuesday – Saturday, 19-23 Nov

8:30pm, Sunday, 24 Nov

9:30pm, Tuesday – Saturday, 26-30 Nov

8:30pm, Sunday, 1 Dec

Homeless and nameless; bleak and funny play at Etcetera Theatre

Two nameless, homeless men (played by Donal Cox and John Eastman) are companions who meet at a wall out of habit, but as the hour-long stage play unfolds it becomes clear there are other walls between them. Their bickering and reminiscing reveals their two very different and potentially irreconcilable attitudes to their harsh reality. Multi-ward-winning playwright Daniel Keene highlights the surprising dignity and humanity found in two men living on the edge, with a production that is bleakly funny, sometimes uncomfortable but always gives truthful, spot-on social commentary relevant to the current issues of austerity and survival.

General Admission. Over 16s only.

Etcetera Theatre