Scribblings of success

What can you do well in front of hostile strangers? What do you keep doing even when there is no room for you in that world?

There is no drive when it is easy. And it is easy to find fault with your work, but it’s not easy to stand up and be proud of what you’ve done when no one else understands and thinks much of it. Who do you choose to hang out with – and how can you serve these people? How receptive are they, to what you do? If they aren’t appreciative, what other groups of people might be?

Success isn’t about creating inherently good things. It’s about putting work in front of the harshest judges, to pitch and deliver your best and aim bigger and better than that, and do it now because what’s unrealistic now will be realistic later. Pain is a fire you grow through and where there is pain, there is growing up, and strength in the torn muscles, and when your comfort zone and your friends are no longer around, how do you survive?