Keep it together, writer

How does a writer keep it together?

Writers have egos (at least, I do), a brand, a face, and a myriad of options to write and experiment, particularly online. Bits and pieces here and there submitted to competitions, freelance work, your own blog, writing to perform, and all this just to write that one truest sentence. An online portfolio is totally different to your CV and your brand should convey that all – but how can this all be coherent? I am asking you, I am not sure myself. Because it’s like every time I write my ‘bio’ and think about my direction and image, it changes when I am commissioned or I do another piece of work, or when I see a job ad that I realise I want but I never thought of that before. Just like choosing your GCSEs with your future career in mind, it’s impossible to portray a coherent brand that encompasses everything you are… and everything you will be. At the very least, you’ll be bored with the same brand your entire life, and philosophically, what is your identity anyway?

It’s easy to see the literary greats on Brain Pickings giving advice and see them as their consistent whole, as if they were always destined to be that. But they must have grown and changed and doubted. And as an artist, you do what you like, but you never know the value and popularity of any given piece of work. And these literary greats are known for their great works but who are they, really? I’m not even sure who I am, more than half the time!

How do you coin phrases when you don’t know what phrases will be used after you coin them?


There’s my ephemeral question for you artistic readers to answer.