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A call to action

Why are you still dreaming?

You have all the power to do! You gained that power years ago while you were busy worrying about how far you would make it by now, and you wonder why you’re not there yet.

How much time do you spend working on your dreams, running up to jump over the gap?

Most accurate description of creative work ever.
Most accurate description of creative work ever.

What are you dreaming of doing? Take time, taste it, and tell the world what it tastes like. We all want to know.

Your search with the lamp, that fire in your heart, will bring light to dark places however dim. Go out and search. Be seen in the places, mental, social and physical, that scare that flame inside. Write down what you find, even if it is just new thoughts in your head, words that reflect back on the places and people.

Invest it all. All your time and creativity and energy.

Into what?

Be clear. Basically, you invest all your energy into something every day. You do it anyway. So simply remind yourself we get to choose, that’s what life is about; our values, our careers and the strengths we work on.

Pick one, specific, thing you want, and pursue that. Don’t limit yourself by throwing away the other interests you have, but once you pursue a path do it without a Plan B. Ironically a Plan B will foster a feeling of safety and security and yet the cushion to your fall won’t be that safe, because when life is unpredictable and you fall back you always start from scratch. Don’t let that hold you back.

Learn to fly on the way down.

Stop caring, start creating. Just do, make, and put it out there into the world first. That’s your first priority.

Then muse over what you could be doing with your time, and how to be the best, afterwards.