10 silly inspirations


1)  Jump about or dance between each line, brush stroke, 10 minutes or other manageable segment.

2)  Describe the complete opposite artwork to your piece.

3)  Walk, run, climb or investigate an unknown area near you.


4)  Randomly open the nearest book and create a piece based on the first three words you see

5)  Do your piece through the perspective of an animal you love (or hate).

Meerkat looking at you!

6)  Cold call a random company, pretend you are doing market research, and ask the company what their biggest challenge is – you might accidentally find new work!

7)  Scribble in your notebook or on paper, with your eyes closed.

8)  Make up a word and use it in a sentence today. Insist it’s a real word.

9)  Explain your piece to someone under 5 (if readily available).

10)  Meditate. Always, always, always just perfect.

Have you done any of these? How did it go? Do you have more ideas?