Here’s a new blog: This time, it’s serious.

This time, it’s serious.

I’ve been creatively and professionally lost recently. I’ve felt pretty worthless about that. It’s not all about money, and I’m pretty lucky in life, but as an independent adult with a penchant for meaningful work, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do next.

(Aside from get bitter about the bad times. That kept me busy for a while.)

I wrote more. My notebook, with a geeky productivity system, allowed my thoughts to run free. I gave myself permission to drift, and with silly
scribbles and self-contained sentences, I started to surprise myself. I stopped in the street, in conversations, mid-dreamy-thought half asleep, with an urge to get words down. I started to write without thinking.

It was weird.

And, eventually, I sensed it. My scribbles were mostly about creativity, careers and cash. Kinda.

And I thought, if only some awesome publication had an aim to articulate something to the effect that art and dreams had worth and that the world was going to be okay and I could do everything I ever want to do and I could bare my soul whenever I wanted to because life is too short to hold back.

A blog was born.

Coin Phrases. Invest in your words. The aim: to help arty and dreamy professionals do their best work (yes, you and me both).

And you know what? When I set this up, I felt a huge relief and joy. I had a focus, an aim, plenty of ideas and a creative outlet! Finally.

Hey, if the best ideas are crazy, and this one’s crazy, there might be hope for logic yet.

So, professionals, arty and dreamy types, contribute! Subscribe! Like me! ♥


  1. Nice!

    I know -exactly- what you mean regarding suddenly getting back into just writing down random little snippets. The purchase of a new notebook has got me doing exactly the same thing again, I think I may have even accidentally finished something I started writing over a year ago this week thanks to my new instantly accessible scrawl-ready buddy.

    Anyway, keep writing, consider me subscribed and on board the creativity train, I can always use a little encouragement! Help me invest! <3

    Muchos love!
    – Matt

    1. Aw dude, you used my investing analogy! Nice to have you on board, I’m honoured to have you (and it’s for great people like you)!
      Love *accidentally* finishing something now! Exactly it! (And can’t wait for more of your writing to be out in the world).

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